i need suggestions for a bow purchase?

May 19, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Craig asked:

im looking to purchase a compound bow for deer hunting. I am new to archery but pick up shooting pretty easily so i am not looking for a "beginer bow". im 6'2 230 lbs and work out often so i would prefer a heavy draw weight. ive been looking at the cabelas persuer xp. what do you guys think?

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6 Responses to “i need suggestions for a bow purchase?”
  1. Caffeinated Content

    The first thing is to go to a local archery range and get properly fitted for draw length. Different bows may also require a different length of arror. After that you’ll need to figure out the proper arrows stiffness which will be based on draw weight and length.

    Most range / stores will also let you shoot just about any bow they have so you can get a feel for them;

    I wouldn’t buy one off of the internet unless I had shot that model in person.

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    Above advice is what I would have said. You need a pro to measure you and advise you first. We see plenty of people on here asking questions about bows that don’t fit them.z

  3. Kansieo.com

    You have been advised on two important tips by Mr. Steel and wthihn. As far as brands go the top sellers are Mathews, Bear, PSE, and Hoyt. I would not buy a knock off brand even if it had good reviews by my favorite outdoor supplier. Be sure to try before you buy as it has already been suggested.

  4. Kansieo.com

    You have a lot of good advice so far. The only thing I would chime in on is what bow to get. I love my Mathews. It shoots great. If you are trying to save some money I would go with the Mission line. Mission bows are made by Mathews. My roommate has one and I have shot it. I can’t tell much difference between a Mathews DXT or the Mission Journey. The best thing about both bows are the warranty that come with them. Mathews keeps all the mold for the bows they make. So if you keep that bow for 10 years and need a part they will be able to get it to you. Other bows wont. They also offer a lifetime warranty, and a great one at that. I knew a guy who ran over his bow with his truck. He told them the truth and they sent him a new bow. I had another friend who drug it behind his four wheeler and they fixed it for him. Other company’s say they have a lifetime warranty like Mathews but in five years if another companies bow breaks they won’t be able to fix it. Mathews will.

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    They have lots of good bow packages…it comes to your door ready to shoot, but I would first go to an archery shop and have them fit you…

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