i need help buying a bow?

May 24, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Lance T asked:

so i decided i want to start bowhunting and i dont know much when it comes to buying, brands and what to look for. I want something decent quaility and hopefully not too expensive... there arn't really any archery stores here so i will probably order it online, maybe cabelas or something but if you know a better place let me know. Its probably going to be something i'll use for deer and boars. and probably only used once or twice a year for hunts, and other than that at the range and stuff. I'm a pretty big guy so draw pll isnt too much of an issue, I dont want to spend an arm and a leg, can i get suggestions for bows and other thinsg i'll need?

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    look at a parker buck hunter xp
    its like a knockoff of matthews
    im very satisfied with mine

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    dont just go buy a bow. first you must be fitted. draw length, poundage, ext. i shoot a mathews, very nice, very expensive. if you are just starting you might want to go with one less expensive to see if it is something you will continue to do in the future. pse makes a decent bow at a a decent price. make sure you get fitted for it, and have the guys down at your local bow shop help you set it up, with tuning procedures. also make sure you shoot it at least 300 times, so the string stretches out. its no good to set up up right away and then have the string stretch out. you want it shooting consistently when you start sighting and tuning. good luck.

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    The best buy on the market is the Mission X-three-it is made by the Matthews bow company , and testers rated it the best buy out of ten other budget bows on the market. They said it was as smooth, quiet, fast,vibration free, as the top of the line Matthews bows. It also sold at one half the price of the top of the line Matthews bow. You need to look at this one
    You will also need sights, bow quiver, a dozen arrows, a release and broadheads to go on your arrows you need to have someone that is experienced in archery to give you some help on your journey into archery. For instance, only when your bow is selected, will you know what size arrows and what length arrows to buy- and you bow cannot be bought until you know what lb pull you want, and what your draw length is. And when your arrows are ordered, they will come full length, and must be ,if carbon, cut off to the correct length with a high speed saw, and inserts installed to accept the points.. You see there are a lot of variables here that will require someone to assist you making them -help can be found at any archery shop, any archery club member, any tournament range- any one connected to archery will be more then willing to help you. Every archer I know is a quality individual- welcome to the world of archery.

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    an 05 bowtech patriot is a very very good bow. I shoot one myself it is very forgiving, it tunes easily,and has decent speed(i am shooting in the 260s at 60lbs and 350 grain arrows).i have not hunted with mine yet but i have seen it kill a doe at 35 yds through the brisket.

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