i got a bowhunting question?

January 6, 2011 by Bowhunter  
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Hunter hunter asked:

i am shooting my bow right now and i noticed that the string of the bow is getting thready like is alomst being warned.i dont have wax for a bow string so what else could i use

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Bowhunting Question?

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4 Responses to “i got a bowhunting question?”
  1. Ben Pearson Archery

    You really just need to get a new string now. Buy some wax while your at it.

  2. Ben Pearson Archery

    hi there hunter
    if you mean your string is looking fuzzy (small hair like pieces sticking out of it) this is natural from use, wax it up good and rub the string fast between your fingers you will feel it start to heat up, you need this heat to melt the wax right through the string, your string should look like its wet at all times ,this will keep the fuzz stuck to the string, a string is made up of many single strands of string material if you see a strand has broken then its time for a new one. have fun shoot safe.

  3. bowhunting

    Vaseline but make sure it dries

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