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June 20, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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andrew g asked:

in 10 days it will be my first day of deer hunting i will be hunting with a bow do you guys have any good hunting tips ?

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What hunting season are open over the summer?

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    yes, shoot it with a gun and then go up and stick an arrow in it.

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    Yes, find another activity. Deer hunting is barbaric. Why don’t you give the deer a bow or a gun and teach them how to use them, then see what kink of “sport” deer hunting is.

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    You’re going to kill bambi? With a bow and arrow? Sheesh.

    Go away.’

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    Aim for the vitals, right behind the front shoulder. Stay put after you hit ‘im so he won’t see you, and follow the blood trail.

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    Be clean of scent including scented soap and clothes. Sit still. Most people are seen by the deer as they fidget around before they see the deer. Pick a spot that the wind will carry your scent away from where you think the deer will be. Have a great time and watch the woods come alive if you sit still.

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    Practice Practice Practice..

    Shoot your silouette from a distance of 40 yards, if you are going to be in a tree stand practice from a stand.

    Good luck!! Post a pic..

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    Use those 10 days to try first on a model in diferent situation until you are 100 % sure you are ready. Then forget about it.

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    ….intentionally miss and let the deer live

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    never have bow hunted for deer
    i bowfish and have alot of fun(carp and gar)
    good luck to u

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    Make sure you can at least get a 3 arrow grouping within 5 inches at 30 yards. If not you’re probably not ready to try one on a live animal. You want to make sure you take a good ethical kill shot. Practice with the clothing you will be wearing when hunting and from and elevated position if you are hunting from a tree-stand. Remember if you use a rangefinder do if from the ground before you get in your stand. You will not get an accurate distance from your stand due to the angle. Good Luck!

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    Check website below for good tips and tricks, and don’t listen to all these PETA loving unrealistic hippie chicks… we hunters love and understand the balance of nature more than they ever will!

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