how would i write a research paper on archery?

September 19, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Lulu asked:

i'm doing a science fair project on archery and if different weights of the bows would affect the velocity of the arrow hitting the target. how would i write a research paper about it? thanks!

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2 Responses to “how would i write a research paper on archery?”
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    Well on my lvl 70 hunter, the heavier bows are slower. Therefor the crit damage is generally much higher, but it doesn’t affect the chance to miss or be dodged, etc.

    I don’t believe weight actually has anything to do with the velocity of the arrow being used. That would more so depend on the string being pulled back and the stiffness of the material used for the bow. You could correlate that generally the heavier the material, the more stiff the bow is however.

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    Start with looking into the history of it. When was it first used? What was it used for? What type of bow and arrow did they use? Then you could bring it more modern and talk about archery today. How there are many more mechanized bows and it is done for sport rather than hunting game out of necessity. I’m sure there is stuff you can find about it. Just look up the subject online and at a local library. You can find all sorts of cool facts about it, like for instance, did you know it is now an Olympic event?

    Look at this for ideas. You cannot really use or cite a wikipedia website for a research paper, it’s generally not acceptable because it is considered an unreliable source. But like I said, you can use it to find other sources and ideas of what to write.

    If you want to find some good websites with information, try doing a Google search of ‘history of archery’. That should get you started!

    Hope this helped!

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