How to teach a duck hunting dog not to hunt a duck?

July 5, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Wes W asked:

We just got a three years old duck hunting dog to obviously hunt ducks with. However, we have two pet ducks. How do we make the dog not hunt those ducks specifically?

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7 Responses to “How to teach a duck hunting dog not to hunt a duck?”
  1. Make Beer says:

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    Good luck … you’re trying to go against their instincts .

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    a duck hunting dog is actually trained to retrieve dead ducks after they have been shot, not to hunt live ducks.

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    Make them look like something else. (e.g. Hitler, Kevin Rudd, etc)

  4. Make Money From Home

    ! Well I think it’s obvious Barbeque them ducks problem solved!

    Seriously you would have an easier time teaching a fish not to swim or an eagle not to fly. The dog was born with the instinct to hunt waterfowl. You can try penning the ducks in an enclosure or keeping the dog on a chain but you are not going to teach a dog that has hunted before not to do what they were bred for it’s just not going to happen. If you don’t want to keep them locked up you have to choose which one to get rid of. BBQ duck is Delicious!

  5. Home Theater says:

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    The dogs do not hunt or chase ducks. They are retrievers that are trained to retrieve the dead ducks that fall into the water. You will have to see how they react around your pet ducks. If they have an inclination to chase them, you will have to make sure they know it is not what you want them to do. Put the dogs on a leash around the ducks at first, so you can control them. If they try to chase the ducks, scold them and pull back on the leash. A retriever is a smart breed. They usually catch on quick.It is the nature of the breed to try and please you.Eventually they will understand the pet ducks are members of the household.Good luck!

  6. Make Money Online

    if (pair) and that duck has few eggs hatch,, killer duck,more than likley wont harass them if controllable, otherwise applied voice firmly,,shock collar reinforcement

  7. Bowtech says:

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    be with the dog around them and teach him that they are family

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