How to get started with hunting?

June 17, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Michael D asked:

I am thinking of getting involved in hunting, primarily for food, but i guess also for game as well. Though I feel guilty doing it just for game. My questions are for people who hunt. First, what would you primarily with you if you went hunting? Second, what type of licenses do you need? What time of year do people normally hunt during? Which states are best for this? Do you know any good websites to visit of locations? Also, any good websites to visit about equipment? Any other insight would be great.

I apologize in advance to any animal rights activists. I respect your life choices and want you to go fight for your cause, just respect others life choices as well. Thanks.

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    Just check your local hunting goods store.And you can get a booklet about what seasons you have in your area & what hunting liscence or permits you need…..Happy Hunting…..

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    First and most helpful thing to do is to take a hunter’s safety course. Some states require it. In the class you will learn about gun safety, hunting regulations and hunting etiquette. I take one every 6 years or so just to keep me up to date. If you call your local high school, they should be able to tell you when the next class is. Unless you live in Manhattan, then you may want to contact the DNR.

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    Check you state’s fish wildlife and parks. They will have the listing of your local hunting regulations and seasons. then as has been suggested take a hunter safety course. Local sporting goods stores can be good resources as well. And if you are new to hunting try to find someone who is experienced to go hunting with to learn from.

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    Every state is different. Each state has seasons for different animals.

    1. Most likely you will need a hunter’s safety course. Most states I have hunted in, they are required if you were born after 1970 or so. The only exception I have seen to this is many states will waive this rule if you have been through basic training in the military.

    2. Decide on what you are going to hunt. This is very important as equipment and licenses for hunting different animals will vary widely.

    3. Visit your local Department of Natural Resources office, the DNR website, or the local sporting goods store. They will be able to tell you when the hunting seasons are, usually can suggest a place to hunt, let you know the required licenses, and will give you an idea of what equipment you need.

    4. Buy a book. If you can hunt it, chances are there is a book on hunting it. This will give you an idea of hunting strategies and techniques you can use. You could also find an existing hunter to take you out and teach you too.

    5. Buy your equipment. If you plan on hunting squirrels, all you really need is a small shotgun or a 22 rimfile rifle. If you plan on hunting deer during a winter gun season, you will most likely need safety orange clothing for cold weather and a larger firearm (after you get used to hunting, you will find all sorts of crap to spend your money on).

    6. Practise with your equipment. If you are hunting during an archery season, go shoot your bow for a couple months. If it is gun season, find a local shooting range and shoot a couple of boxes of ammo to get used to your gun and the recoil. If you are using a deer stand, practice using it before the season so you know how it works.

    7. Go out and have fun. Always let someone know where you are and when you will be home. I suggest carrying some survival equipment with you, but many people don’t. NEVER EVER leave home without a compass unless you know exactly where you are at and can find your way in the dark (even then, go buy one anyway). If you are hunting with firearms…always stay on the side of safety. Don’t shoot unless you absolutely know you will not hit anyone.

    My favorite website for hunting and firearms related questions is

    That site has the largest group of hunters and gun nuts I have found on the web. Check it out.

    Best of luck to you. Welcome to the world of hunting!

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    Slider 728 gave an excellent answer.

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    There are many mentoring programs, for people young and old, available for new hunters. If you talk to your local game and parks they might be able to help locate some. You will also want to take a hunter safty course. What kind of game are you interested in hunting. THis will determine what kind of equipment and permit you will need. Do know anyone else who hunts, most people are more that happy to teach someone the ropes and pass on the skills and knowledge to new hunters….I know I am. You will also want to find someone to take you because hunting is not just going out and pulling the trigger….different species require different techniques and skills….it is better to be shown than to read about it is a book and as I said. most true hunters are more that willing to pass on knowledge.

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    Type in your state’s game comission on the internet, and it’ll give you a listing of classes. The best way to learn though is to have someone take you hunting with them, and you learn.

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