How much does a good archery set cost?

April 18, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Joseph asked:

I am 14 and I want one that includes the glove the bow arrows ect
I have been arching before but only a couple times

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Are there any archery lessons in Pennsylvania for teens?

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  1. Sporting Goods Archery

    I bought a bow for under $100, but it is not a compound bow. They cost more. If you are just getting a regular bow, they are price by how much poundage it takes to draw the string back — 40 lb bow, 60 lb bow 35 lb bow, etc. The arrows, surprisingly, are not cheap, maybe $3 or $4 dollars per arrow. The glove is another $20 or so. Altogether, I think you can walk out of the store with a good archery set and 10 arrows for about $150.

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