How many times can you dry fire a crossbow before it “explodes” or break?

May 11, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Anonymous #265 asked:

Also, at what poundage would dry firing it started to be a bad idea?
Would it be 150lb+, 200lb+, or 250lb+?

Is dry firing bad for any other type of bows (longbows, composite recurve)?

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Archery question.(two types of bows).will pick a best answer?

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8 Responses to “How many times can you dry fire a crossbow before it “explodes” or break?”
  1. Classic Cars says:

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    Possibly as few as one. There’s no “safe number” of times to do it.

    No type of bow should ever be dry-fired.

  2. Make Beer says:

    Classic Cars

    Don’t ever dry fire a bow with Fiberglass or composite limbs, the limbs can delaminate on the first dry fire and you would not be able to tell till the next time or when you really needed it to work and the limb might fail. They actually put the multiple warnings on compound and cross bows for a reason. So, yes, compound and recurves would have the same problem, long bows might not because their wave harmonic might be different enough, but why risk it.

  3. Make Beer

    one time will do damage to the bow might possilby break it.crossbows have way more tenison on them than compound bows once the limb is
    damaged its just a matter of time till the limbs fail this has caused ppl
    serious injury so if you have done this i would take it to a bow shop an
    get it check out for your safety.

    longbows probably arent affected by this to much. as far a recurves it probably isnt good but i wouldnt suggest it.

    compounds are bad to dry fire the string will mess up in a heart beat also terrible for the limbs of a compound bow

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    75 lb and it can occur on the first time or the 25th time. Crossbows are like people they are all different.

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    Any crossbow may break if dry fired, even if done only once. Some will last longer, but not very long. It is bad for other bows, too. There are devices you can attach to some types of bows to dry fire without damage. Check with Cabela’s.

  6. Video Games says:

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    Dry fire is bad for any bow, longbow, recurve any of them. All of the energy stored in the limbs have to go somewhere when the string is let go. If there is no arrow or bolt, the energy can only go back into the limbs. If a bow is light enough it can be dry fired safely, but light enough is under 5 lbs, we have a bow that light specifically made for practice form practice. As to how many times? It’s like asking how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop, noone knows. Most modern recurve or longbow won’t explode on just one dry fire, compounds might have issues with the string coming off the wheels and some such.

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    My buddy accidentally dry-fired his dad’s one time and it immediately cracked the limbs on it. He never told me how many pounds it was.

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    This past hunting season I was shooting a bow that advertised that the limbs had been tested by a tremendous about of dry fires . When stalking a deer, I neglected to nock the arrow on the string properly.When I attempted to shoot, the arrow came of the string and I dry fired it.The limb did hold up, but the object that held the limb in place off the riser was busted, and the string jumped off the cam, damaging the ends of the bearing that the cam rotates on. A dry fire with a cross bow, due to the increased poundage would be a disaster.I was only shooting 70 lbs with my compound.

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