How is the Mathews Switchback XT compound bow?

May 27, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Van asked:

I am looking at cheaper bows and I just wanted to know if that bow has any major flaws for hunting and if many people realy prefer this bow.

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Where can i find cheap fiberglass arrows for a 50lb compound bow?

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One Response to “How is the Mathews Switchback XT compound bow?”
  1. Car History says:

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    I found many good things in the Mathews Switchback XT it sounds like it would fit your needs quite nicely there is no flaws in it but if you could save up a bit more I would reccommend the Z7 got it a couple weeks ago and im never giving it up usually I trade old Mathews bows for the newer models but not this time. They raised the bar and set the standard to a whole new level.
    Happy shooting.

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