How is bowhunting of endangered species legal in Africa?

July 15, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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DingoJane asked:

Hey guys, I recently ran across a website for a bowhunting safari company in Zimbabwe and Nigeria. They provide 'outings' for bowhunters ann allow them to kill animals such as White Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Dik-diks, Jackals, Zebra, as well as many other kinds of animals.

My question is - how is this legal? Is it? If not, what steps do we take to stop this?

Poaching and animal welfare are VERY important subjects to me so if youre interested in helping me with this, please let me know!
Thanks sooooooo much guys. Im calling those numbers as soon as Im off work. I want this stopped!

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2 Responses to “How is bowhunting of endangered species legal in Africa?”
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    I don’t know what Africa’s laws and regulations are. It is very possible that the website may be operating illegally. One animal over in Africa that is on your list (the elephant), I know is not suppose to be hunted. If you want some more information, you might contact the American Embassies in both of these countries since they do speak English and it’s very possible that there will be translating needed.

  2. Classic Cars says:

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    I would think this is very illegal. I guess if I was you I’d contact the world wildlife fund at

    Here’s some phone numbers and email addys I found for ya, try emailing them, and ask how to report it and ask if it’s legal or not.

    General Inquiries
    Erika Viltz
    Office Phone: 202-778-9542

    WWF work in United States
    Tom Lalley
    Office Phone: 202-778-9544

    WWF work in Africa
    Congo Basin, Madagascar, Namib-Karoo
    Lee Poston
    Office Phone: 202-778-9536

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