How do you find hunting property for lease?

July 14, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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silver_squirrel2 asked:

My husband and I live in southern Alabama and we are looking for a small bit of property (40 acres- 300 acres) for either he and I to hunt, or for he, myself, and a very few friends to lease for hunting (deer, rabbit, hogs, etc). I have googled "hunting property for lease/ alabama" every way I can think of. Does anyone know of any websites that could help us? Any other suggestions?


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    Depends on your state. Sometimes the DNR will post maps. There are plenty of private websites such as=&pasu= The way a lot of people I know do it… is they place an ad in the farm circulars such as Farmer Today or American Hunter. The third way is to check out the NRA’s hunter website

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    well what i do see i hunt in about 4 different states Texas, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Colorado i only own property in wisconsin so i lease in the other states and what i did is i went to the local DNR office and people post things like adds for leasing property or guided hunts or atvs for sale things of that nature that is the first step i would take if that doesn’t work email me and i will give you some other options

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    i thing the name is land watch–i have been looking for the same in mississippi, alabama or louisiana. hard to find small tracts for lease. mossy oak properties is another source. some of the bigger timber comp. lease land for hunting—roy o martin, boise cascade, willamite, plum creek etc. good luck

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    Go to small towns and find out where the farmers eat breakfast. Go in and start asking, and post ads of your own. Also, any CO-OP you see is a good place to look for ads from farmers wanting people to come thin out the deer.

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    Go here.*.. On Ebay, lots of listings.* Or just type the words > Hunting Leases< into the web search area of your computer, their all on there.*

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    a lot of times you have to know people or know people who know people if you know what i am saying. but you canputt a wanted add out on Craigslist adn also you can put up flyers just like they did way back when . but talk to farmers or if there is piece of land you think you may want to hunt talk to the owner and try to work something out.

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    Here are two ways that you can look into. The largest land owners that lease land for hunting in the southern states is the timber companies. For example in my state (Louisiana) Roy O.Martin timber company has 51 different sections to lease this year for hunting ranging from 30 acres to 1700 acres. Find out the companies that operate in Alabama and get on their website.Each company will have their areas listed, a brief description of them, a map showing where they are located at, and how much an acre they charge for leasing it. The second way is to go into your local sporting goods stores and ask the employees if there are any lease openings that you and your husband may get on. Sometimes they will have openings posted on their bulletin boards for you to look at. I wish you the best of luck on your search and tell your husband I think he is an extremely lucky person.

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