How do you bring a hunting rifle and ammunition aboard an airline flight?

June 16, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Outdoor guy asked:

I am going on a hunting trip to Texas. I've never brought a fire arm on a plane trip before. What do I have to do to bring a hunting rifle and ammunition with me when I fly to Texas?

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What are the regulations for coyote hunting in south minnesota?

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9 Responses to “How do you bring a hunting rifle and ammunition aboard an airline flight?”
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    Definitely not in carry-on luggage.

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    1, Your not going to be able to take ammo. You`ll have to have it shipped ahead. 2, Call the airline you are going to use,and they`ll give you the list of requirements to transport a rifle. There are several.

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    The firearm must be locked up without ammo! I’m pretty sure ammo is not allowed on the plane period. I worked at an airport for years and every hunting season, the first thing hunters would ask is where is the closest wal-mart. So I would call your airline and double check.

    Anyhow, Welcome to Texas!

  4. Princess Rings

    you put it in a big bag and tell security there is no need to check it, its just your clothes

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    Well the gun needs to be disasemmbled and cannot be in your carry on. It has to be in checked luggage and also you need to tell the people that your are transporting a gun. I would think TSA website would have more info.

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    Yes, you can check a firearm and Yes, you can check up to 11 pounds of loaded ammunition.

    From Continental Airlines

    “Continental accepts one item of shooting equipment per customer as checked baggage. One item of shooting equipment is defined as one hard-sided shooting equipment case containing up to five firearms, with or without scopes, 11 lbs (five Kgs.) of ammunition and articles used in the firearm sport.

    Firearms will be accepted only from a customer who is 18 years of age or older.
    International firearm regulations vary by destination and transiting country. Contact appropriate consulates or embassies to obtain specific entry requirements applicable to destination(s).
    Firearms are not accepted to/from Israel.
    Firearms are not accepted to/from Denmark
    For travel to/from the United Kingdom, pistols, rifles and shotguns must be packed in a hard side rifle case.
    Customers traveling to/through Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) with checked firearms/ammunition must obtain permission from the Netherlands Consulate/Embassy in their country of origin prior to departure. Weapons are subject to confiscation in Amsterdam unless the owner can show all required permits. Customers traveling on military orders with checked firearms may do so without prior consent from Dutch Customs. Checked military ammunition is forbidden. For your convenience, the application for permission is available for download in Adobe PDF format.
    Curbside check-in of a firearm is not permitted.
    The firearm must be packaged in a hard-sided container capable of being locked. The container must be locked and the key or combination must remain in the customer’s possession. If a hard-sided container is needed, see the container section of this site.
    Handguns must be packed in hard-side lockable luggage. Baggage containing handguns must be locked at the time of acceptance by Continental Airlines and the key or combination retained in the passenger’s custody.
    The firearm will be transported in a section of the aircraft that is inaccessible to the customer. Proof of registration is not required.
    Firearms carried in addition to the free baggage allowance will be assessed at the current excess baggage charge.
    No more than 11 pounds of ammunition may be carried. The ammunition may be packed in the same container as the firearm or in a separate container. Ammunition must be packed in the manufacturer’s original package or securely packed in fiber, wood or metal containers. The ammunition inside the container must be protected against shock and secured against movement. The ammunition may be packed in the same container as the firearm or in a separate container.”

  7. Car Auctions says:

    Car Police Auctions

    It must be unloaded and in a lockable case, ammunition packed separately, some airlines insist on factory boxes.

    The rifles must be physically inspected by the agent when you check your luggage.

    i suggest you the web ste of the airline you will be flying and print a copy of their most recent firearms regulations. Follow the regs and have a copy in your pocket when you o to the airportt jusf in case any discussioariseses.

    Good Hunting,


  8. Princess Rings

    Your best bet is to call the airlines you will flying and ask them.

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