How do I start bowhunting?

December 25, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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AvrilLavignefan007 asked:

I'm 19 years old, and I have quite a few questions about bowhunting. Im still pretty clueless, so please dont mock me on lack of knowledge: Im gonna be doing a whole of reading up before this time next year. lol. Can anyone help answer my questions?
1.) I know I need a license. But can't you even get one of those at Wal-Mart?
2.) My brother and dad who have gone rifle hunting (and cant shoot something to save their lives) both took a Hunter's Safety Course. Do I HAVE TO take a Hunter's safety course? Or is it optional?
3.) I would like to put in for Cow elk for next year's season. Someone told me that with bowhunting your odds of getting drawn are alot better too, because not as many people do it.
4.) Im right handed due to breaking my arm when I was learning to draw/color/write all that when I was really little...Prior to then I was left handed. And Im LEFT EYE dominant. Any advice for this?
5.) Im an okay shot with the recurve bows we have. Just simple target practice on trees, snow mounds, cats, etc. But isn't shooting and aim with a cross bow a lot harder? Is bow hunting mostly done with cross bows?
6.) Where to get a bow? Im a college student and thanks to the glory of tuiton dont have alot ot spend. Anyone ever got a bow on eBay with good results?
Any other info you can think of let me know! Thanks!


Bowhunting in the rain?

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4 Responses to “How do I start bowhunting?”
  1. Arrow Rests says:

    Archery Equipment

    1.) just go to a sporting goods store to get a license…it will be cheaper
    2.) you NEED a hunters safety course unless you were born in like the 50′s or something like that
    3.) yea im not sure what you question was there but that’s right
    4.) if your left eye dominant you need a left handed bow, and you can find those on great sales bc not as many people buy them
    5.) cross bows are WAY easier to use than other bows, and recurve are the hardest…if i were you i would just get a compound
    6.) DONT EVER GET A BOW WITHOUT SHOOTING IT AND COMPARING IT TO OTHERS!!! there is nothing wrong with buying it online, just make sure you get a chance to shoot it at a sporting goods store first before you buy it. i wouldn’t trust a used bow but that’s just me. i would recommend the diamond razor edge package:

  2. Gloves, Tabs and Release Aids

    agree with matt,,yes i have got good deal from e bay,,a recurve is fine there archery is a art ,, i shoot traditional recurve with no sights,,,kinds of like throwing rocks,,,but it will come to you and then you will have the most sought after skill,, i shoot the best from compounds-crossbows,,,,good luck too you and just keep in mind less is more in archery,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Archery Equipment

    1) sporting goods store or your local fish and game
    2) yes
    3) no
    4) practice is key my cousin bow hunts and he only has one arm with one finger and the other a stub
    5) if your not using a scope of some sort yes, it is harder to cock but when it comes to shooting its alot easier actually

  4. Hoyt Bows says:

    Archery Bow Strings

    1. walmart sells it…and no the price is all the same, preset by the state.
    2. hunter safety permit is required prior to purchasing a liscense unless you have prior training (military, law enforcement)
    3. Yes, less people apply for that drawing because they either dont know how to stalk up on a prey or cant pull a minimum of 60lbs
    4. im also right handed and left eye dominate…but i use a compound bow which has a peek hole on the string that helps me align it to the sights…so i shoot a right handed bow..
    5. a cross bow is more like shooting a rifle…just gotta line up the sights…and depending on what part of the country you live, crossbow hunting is not considered in the archery section, its considered rifle hunting due to the fact that you can lock it in place and use a trigger, just like a rifle..
    6. I am on the rather small side myself, so I opted for a womens/youth bow…bought a diamond razor edge from for about 350…
    **practice makes perfect, after you get the bow sighted some up hill and down hill shots along with the normal flat practice shots…also invest in a good range finder

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