How do i start archery? :p?

April 11, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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I've been watching videos on youtube about archery, and i think it's really cool. I want to try it and see what it's like! I've tried a bow before and i want one of my own. So, what would i need to first start?


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Why are crossbows not as popular as longbows in recreational archery?

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    Depending on where you are. If you’re in the US, first step is to go to. Try to find a range near you, go under Directory Search and look up your state. Some areas have ranges that offer free beginner lessons and equipment. If you have one of those near you, that’s the best thing to do. Use those equipments to develop your muscles and shooting form. Once you have a nice solid shooting form, and know what type of archery you are really interested in, you can go out and buy your own stuff.

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    You can also visit the FITA website. FITA is the governing organization of the Olympic Archery events — inlcuding all World Cup Archery competitions.

    In addition to FITA, there is an international Mediaeval educational/recreational group called “The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc”. One of the main activities of the SCA is “traditional archery” — wood arrows and bows with no sights or wheels. While they don’t have a chapter in every city/town around the world, there might still be one located near you. I’m including a link to the page with a list of what groups are where; give them a look-see.

    For advice and help in finding equipment and instruction, there are forums where you can ask questions. The folks on the forums have been involved in archery for a very long time, and are more than simply willing to share their knowledge with others.

    Have fun, enjoy — and welcome to the Wide World of Archery!

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    If you are in Australia, then try joining an archery club. Look up the AA (Archery Australia) and from there you can find your nearest local club. Contact them and they will help you through the process of becoming a member. The club I belong to (Baldivis Archery Club) has a beginners course that you go through in order to become a member but different clubs may have different systems. Above all, when you join you need to listen to what the coaches say. You should also find the association governing the archery in your state and look up their website.

    If you are not in Australia then this information will not apply (except for the bit about listening to the coach).

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