how do i gain the skill of archery?

April 18, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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jade asked:

I want to start archery. I dont really know what to do or how to go about it but archery intrigues me n i want to gain its skill. what kind of equipment should i get and where? what kind of bow and arrows? i am a 130 pond, 5.1 female. tell me all i should know to go about starting archery. thnk u.

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Where can you sell used archery equipment?

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    OK, first off… Don’t say the skill of archery…

    Secondly, you first off need to buy a bow. Getting measured for a bow is simple, you can usually find personnel to examine your draw length (how far back you draw your bowstring) at a large sporting goods store.

    You’ll also want an arm protector in case of misfires where the tail of the arrow will strike you across the arm.

    You are also going to need to buy arrows, the personnel can also assist you with that. As for a target, get a simple cube target, which has four usable sides with different designs. Begin aiming at a distance of about… 25′ and work your way up.

    The most important thing about shooting a bow is that you want PRACTICE.

    I went over in crude detail, but going to a professional would be an obvious choice if you really want to begin with a headstart.
    Seeing as you’re just beginning, you do not need anything special on your bow. The biggest gadget you should buy would be the sights, neon colored plastic ones are fine. You only need one.

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    I agree for the most part with nowhere man above, but I would say that the best place to go would be to find an archery range, for three reasons, unless you live in the boonies, you’ll need a range to shoot anyway. Two, people at archery ranges tend to be way more knowledgeable than clerks at a sporting good store, even actually archery stores are sometimes manned by “archers” with sale agendas. Three, some archery range have equipment that you can use, sometimes for free. So check around, many people here in LA found our archery range by just googling for instance.

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    well u got to buy a bow go to and look around and the have all the stuff for traditonal shooting dvds how to books ect.

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