How do I build up to bowhunting grizzlies?

June 19, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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James C asked:

I have been wanting to get into bowhunting. I bought a small 25 lb bow to fool around a bit and get my aim down. I want to be able to hunt elk mostly. However, my ultimate goal with it is to build up to the point to hunt grizzly bears. What size bow would I need for that? How long would it take to build up to that point?

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6 Responses to “How do I build up to bowhunting grizzlies?”
  1. Air Bed says:

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    Yeah righttttt, I think K-Mart has one of those bow and arrow sets in the toy dept with the suction cups…”fool around a bit and get my aim down”… “Grizzly bears”,.. that is just too F’n funny…

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    Bows for bear should be in the 50-75 lb range (recommend the 75). Also realize that you will want a guided hunt (to haul your body back if you mess up). The cost of the guide, hunting licenses, etc. will be about $12,000 not including travel, rooming, and meals. If you are just at 25 pounds, give yourself a couple of years of constant work to get to the 75 pound pull.

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    Come on…….who are you fooling? Do you know the laws and if you can legally hunt in the US?

    Make sure you go on a guided hunt so the guides can report back that your were turned into bear scat.

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    * Well you can harvest any Big or Small Game in North America With a 55Lb Bow.* * I prefer the 45Lb Re-curve Bow myself with no sights or a quiver on it.* I shoot instinctive.* I wear a hip or back quiver.*

  5. Air Bed says:

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    Well James, after you manage to get built up to the point where you can hunt grizzlies, you will be old enough to have discovered girls. Then you wont have time for the grizzlies.Besides the girls will be a lot more fun.

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    Anything over 50lb. should be good. How long it would take depends on how much you practice and how good your nerves are. Once you get some skill I’d recommend getting a heavier bow and starting off with some white tails. It also helps to have a more experienced hunting buddy. Good luck.

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