How do I adjust the draw pounds on my compound bow?

May 7, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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sufix_j asked:

can some one give me a link with pics.

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I was looking into a Matthews dxt compound bow are they any good?

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    couldn’t find a link with pics but it is done by adjusting the allen head screws that attach your limbs. just make sure to turn them both the same amount and paper tune your bow afterward

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    Becareful when adjusting the draw weight down, or lighter. If you’re adjusting it up, it doesn’t matter as it’ll max out. But adjusting it down, you can put in one too many turns and all of a sudden the bolts will rip out and the whole thing will explode on you. So, unless you already know the limits, making compound bows lighter will need a bow press to first take the tension off the limbs and then unscrewing the hex bolts out to the desired weight.

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    Most compounds have screws that will tighten or relax the limbs.
    Be very careful doing this.
    * Always turn each screw the same number of half turns
    in each direction to keep the bow ‘balanced’.
    * The amount of adjustment is limited.
    If that screw comes out of it’s thread, that tensioned limb will
    whip around hard enough to seriously injure you.

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