How can i become and expert at archery?

October 4, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Maria Jones asked:

Im a teenager, I practice archery and I'd love to know as much as I can about it...just as a hobby to have. All i know is what trainers and friends have taught me. Any advice?

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2 Responses to “How can i become and expert at archery?”
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    The advice will depend on what stage you’re at. At stage you’re at can be gauged by how large your grouping is at a given distance. Say your group of 6 arrows is about 10″ from 20 yards, then the best thing you can work on is your anchor. Once your group gets smaller, you can start paying attention to other things, such as how your shoulders line up with your bow arm, how you hold the bow, how you transfer the load to your back, how you release the string, etc.

    Now, one thing that applies to everyone. Pick a trainer that works well with you. Someone you trust, and someone who is knowledgeable. Then stick to him/her, don’t listen to anyone else. Too much information from different sources can be detrimental to your shooting progress.

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    I really can’t give you any advice. To tell you anything without seeing you shoot might screw you up pretty bad. every person has a different form that they shoot best with. I have to cant (lean) my bow to the right a little or I shoot like crap. To get any advice that will help you shoot better you need a good qualified coach. There are four different levels of qualification for coaches 1,2,3 & you guessed it,4 . The higher the number is , the more training and experience hours they got before they were qualified as a coach. I would try to find the highest level coach you can, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you can’t find a level 4 coach around.But one thing more important than finding an experienced coach is finding one you can trust and get along with that doesn’t try to force you into a specific mold for your form. One of the girls I now from archery was an Olympic hopeful for 2012 but because the coach wanted her in a specific form that was hurting her and that she didn’t like, she quit. Last thing is that once you pick a coach, DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE BUT THEM! that could prove disastrous for your form. Whenever you change something, even something small , it screws up your form until you get used to it. With two different coaches , there would be too much changes in your form that you would never get used to meaning you never shoot your best. I’m not saying to follow your coach around if (s)he moves, but stick with them for as long as possible.

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