help for hunting in a bad situation?

May 15, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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souptyc asked:

ok so yesterday (the first day of deer archery season) i was out with a crossbow and i saw a huge doe come in and i think it knew i was there because it kept looking at me and it was waling in circles behind a small thicket trying to get past me to the corn field. it finally came within 15 yards and stood complete broadside with nothing in the way of my shot. the thing is it was starring right at me and my bow wasn't raised up yet. after 10 seconds of staring at me it must of realized i was there and took off. what should i do to get a shot off when that happens?

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    I’m not an expert, but a the hunter’s safety ed book and a book I read about bowhuntng all said to never take a shot at an animal that’s looking at you with a bow because the arrow travels relatively slow enough that the animal will likely flinch when you take the shot and release at it and thus you may not get a clean hit on it even if its close. I think you just have to wait until you get a good shot at an animal when its not looking at you. By the way, maybe your state allows the use of a crossbow during bow season, but in Nevada, one can only use crossbows during the “any legal weapon” season. It may be that your crossbow shoots arrows fast and with enough force to to be able to take shots a regular bow wouldn’t be good for, like quartering towards.

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    You should have gotten your bow up to your shoulder and ready while the deer was “walking in circles behind a small thicket”. The key is to move when the deer cannot see you. Remember, if you can see the deer’s eyeball, the deer can see you. If holding your bow “at the ready” for several minutes is too much of a strain try to set up some kind of rest, even just a forked stick that will support your bow very close to where it needs to be for a shot. This will minimize how much you have to move when the deer gets into the open.

  4. says:

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    Be patient. Don’t rush or force the situation. You may have to pass up several unsatisfactory situations until you encounter a satisfactory shooting situation.

    Training, reconnaissance, physical fitness and mental preparation help harvest game ethically & lawfully.

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    You need to get the crossbow in position to harvest the Deer quicker so that you are prepared whenever the Deer presents itself broadside to you for the shot.*

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    Nothing. Don’t take the shot, because it will be a bad one. You should have raised your bow up when the deer was in the thicket. Raise it very slowly and then you will be ready when she steps out into the open.

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    Had a similiar problem this weekend with mine only it was with a 300 pound boar and I was buried in a brush ground blind.

    This thing got within 15 feet of me on the ground. My bad spot was I was only going to get 1 shot with an arrow at exceptionally close range with a pig who was on the prod…

    Needless to say, I didn’t take the shot because it would have been sucide. That pig would have eaten my hide.

    As stated above, keep working at it. You will find the right shooting situation. I am glad you were not silly enough to take the shot.

    Good luck.

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