groundhogs and bowhunting?

December 18, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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chuckbird8_108 asked:

i'm pulling 65lb on a pse durango, and i also have a 150lb cross bow, i'm shooting around 525 grains and around 320 in the crono. i don't know how many grains i'm shooting out of the crossbow. It's goin through the crono at about 310. i have a 2x leupold scope on my pse. i have a 4x leupold with 3 crosshairs on my crossbow. the groundhog that i'm trying to shoot is about 65yards away and he's in the wide open field so there's no possable way for me to get close to him.

the reason that i want 2 use a bow of some sort is that there are houses nearby and i don't want a ricochet

and suggestions
any suggestions to make it an easier shot besides letting it come in closer

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11 Responses to “groundhogs and bowhunting?”
  1. Gloves, Tabs and Release Aids

    lower the grains and try to get as close as possibe with out it moving or just use differt grain

  2. Recurve Bows says:

    Recurve Bows

    Approach his burrow at the desired distance you want to shoot at him when he isn’t out of his burrow, and wait there till he comes out to take your shot at whatever range you desire.*

  3. Hoyt Bows says:


    Buy a camo blanket/mesh cover and put it over yourself as you lay close to his hole. When he comes out nail him. It would be wise to bait him a couple of days ahead of time and watch to see if he comes out at any specific time.

  4. Hoyt Bows

    Sounds cool like it is alot of fun

  5. bowhunting says:

    Arrow Rests

    Set up a target at the range you have to shoot and get zeroed in. Just don’t be disappointed when the groundhog runs off after being shot. They can be hit thru the chest and still make it to the hole.

  6. Bowhunting says:

    Bear Recurve Bow

    sounds good but i would just lower the grains a lil

  7. Arrow Rests says:

    Archery Sights

    This is to far of a shot at 65 yards with a bow or crossbow.

    Try a live trap.

    Arrows can be deflected as well. Any bow hunter will tell you at sometimes taking a shot a small tree limb grew suddenly and deflected their arrow.

    It does not take much of a deflection to send a arrow flying wild. Missing by several feet. Consider that if the houses are that close by.

  8. bowhunting says:

    Vintage Archery

    i would use the bow because the crossbow shoots faster. it is less likely to hit a house since it shoots slower. also i would set up a target range and shoot at a variety of distances to make sure that when you see him you can hit him.

  9. Compound Bows

    just remember an arrow or in your case a bolt will skip. Witch can be just as bad as a bullet that ricochet

  10. bowhunting says:

    Bear Recurve Bow

    look at his hole and see which way he leaves it. go behind it can’t see you when he comes out. it might be hard to wait that long, but if you want him, it’ll be worth it.

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