Good Way to Get Started With Archery?

May 13, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Snoopy asked:

I am a freshman in high school, and have always been extremely interested in archery. I was looking around the web for where to get started. What should I do first, should I get a recurve or compound bow, how much should I spend, and what are the different types of archery?

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    I would get a Recurve if I were you, mainly because compoound bows are much more expensive and they are for more experienced, then for the type of bow, you should get a fiberglass, because they are for begginers, and the are cheap, and assuming your 14 or 15 years old, you should get one about 50-60″ bow which should cost you no more then $70, and there are 2 main types of archary, target and hunting, target is pretty much just practice with targets, and hunting is well, the real thing.

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    Best thing to do is go here if you’re in the US,. Click on Directory Search and click on your state. See if there’s a range near you, some ranges offer free lesson for beginners and free equipment. Our ranges here in Los Angeles, provide free equipment that you can use pretty much forever, until you buy your equipment, you die or the range is shutdown. So it’s pretty much the cheapest sport there is, and safe to boot.

    For starter I would also say recurve, although for a different reason than what Bryan said. When you learn on a recurve, the bow will dictate your form, use good form or you won’t see result. Compound bows will let you hold the bow anyway you want to and will still give you result. It is a lot easier with a compound bow, so easy that you can develop a lot of bad habits without knowing it. So, looking to the future, a recurve shooter can usually switch to a compound with no problems, but a compound shooter usually can’t switch to a recurve without having to start from scratch.

    There are many forms of archery, under target archery you have:
    - FITA, this is the stuff they do at the Olympics
    - Field, this is where you shoot at paper targets at unknown distances, sometimes up hill, down ravines, over creeks etc.
    - 3D, this is where you shoot at foam animals

    Then you have hunting, run archery, ski archery, archery golf(only in certain areas), Clout archery, Flight archery etc.

    If there are no ranges in your area, then try to find an archery store. Some stores have indoor ranges, and they also let you rent equipment. Try it out first, then decide to buy. Most likely there are other archers there at the range, most will let you try their bow, just ask first.

    A decent beginner bow, is the Bullseye, they go for about $90-$100. These are wood bows with fiberglass laminate, durable, and shoots much better than pure fiberglass bows.

  3. Car Auctions says:

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    DO NOT BUY A BOW until you have done a biginers corse you need to know what type of bow sutis you best and what type you prefer using , find a local club ask if they are runing any begginer corses if they are then put your name down if there not ask if they would be willing to give you a tester sesion , after that and you are shure you will continue buy a bow that you feel conftarble with if you buy a recurve make shure you get international fitting limbs my bow is a hoyt a good well known make in the archery world, if you buy a compund go to your local shop and have them advise you , i dont know hoe much you should spend but dont go and get a realy expensive one $100 maybe $200 should be enough for a beginer kit (everything ) and then as you get better you can invest in a better bow , (you can also get better stuff over there (usa) as im in the uk lol) i hope some of this helps and i hope you enjoy the sport !! good luck xx

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