General Bowhunting questions?

December 24, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Nick Dean asked:

1. My parents got me a Diamond Razor edge for Christmas and i love shooting it, but all the gadgetry on it flat confuses and annoys me, and i don't really have anyone to show me how to work it, it seems as if every time I shoot it needs to be re-sighted in, despite how much i tighten the nuts. Should I stick with the compound, or switch to recurve and get rid of all the sights and such

2. Ladder or hang on stand, and what is the best way to set-up either?

3. I live in Mid-Michigan, plenty of farmland and such, where do I go to get a place to hunt?

4. For after game (in case I get lucky!), what is absolutely necessary? I'm on a pretty tight budget.


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  1. Compound Bows

    Personally i prefer a blinded tripod stand in the middle of a field.

    Hunt on public game lands or go around to people with large amounts of property and ask for their permission to hunt their property.

    All your typical dressing tools…well Mine is just a really sharp 6″ knife. Plus money to have it mounted If you plan to do so.

  2. bowhunting says:

    Archery Equipment

    That’s a very good bow. Keep it simple. Go back to where your parents got it for you (unless it was an internet sale–then go to a local archery shop). Your pins on your sight sound like they’re not staying adjusted. Your sight mount itself may be loosening but that’s not very likely unless it was cross-threaded. I’ve shot recurves over a lifetime and own two Diamond compounds now. They do different things in different ways. But you’ll really notice how you’re no longer shooting anywhere near as flat or fast if you leave compounds behind. Your hand will notice the torque/shock and vibration difference, too. If you’re going to hunt, you’ll have a greater range at which you can ethically take game with the compound. And just shoot a recurve/long bow and you’ll never complain about sights on a compound again–even loose ones. Get the sights fixed.

    Ladder stands are great for a fixed location. Climbing stands go with you and leave when you do. You should be in good shape as a young man. Since you won’t be on your own land most likely, learn what trees are good prospects for a climbing stand. Practice using one. Never take your bow up with you (arrows!) in any type of elevated stand. Attach a lanyard (rope) and pull them up after you’ve climbed.

    Mid-Michigan where? (I’m originally from Grand Rapids and hunted Sparta, Big Rapids, Cadillac, etc.) You have farmland around you? You’re set! Make friends with farmers in the area. Do chores if they need some help in exchange for hunting rights. Connect through your parents. Who do they know that has property? There’s a greater likelihood that you’ll be let on with a bow than a shotgun (lower LP) as it’s less risk to the property owner. Does your Dad hunt? Prove that you can shoot and ask to go with him. In fact, bug Dad and tell him you need his help to get the bow right. If I paid that much as a father I’d sure follow-up to make sure that I got my money’s worth. There are also public lands around you. Look here (and at similar websites):—,00.html.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “after game”. If you mean, “I got one!”, there can be several answers. Minimum: cell phone. Call Dad (if you’re not old enough to drive) and have him help you get the tagged (do that first) deer out. More? A decent knife for field dressing the deer. Learn how to do this before you go. Ask other hunters to call you if they take a deer so that you can learn firsthand. Better yet, go out with Dad (or another relative who will take you) or go on a group hunt with mentors who are willing to teach. You will find that there are local hunting clubs all around central MI.

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