Does anybody use a recurve when bowhunting?

June 20, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Andy asked:

I know absolutely nothing about bowhunting. My dad was an avid archer, and favored a recurve. I was just curious if anyone uses them for hunting, I usually only see compounds. Why wouldn't you use a recurve?

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I am going to start bowhunting this year. How do I scout and all that?

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8 Responses to “Does anybody use a recurve when bowhunting?”
  1. Princess Rings

    I’m a purist, so I always use a recurve, personally. If I were actually hunting, though, I’d use a compound for a steadier hand.

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    now days it is called trad style,,, tradtional shooting ,, no sights just you your bow and arrows,,,, it is very good weapon to hunt with,, i have 4 ecurves fred bears takedown 76 ers,,,, 30-55 lbs ,,, why would,bt you use a recurve simply there is less to break damage foul with etc,,,,also you develope form easyer in my opionion,,, like rock throwing instinctive shooting ok thanks eddie ,,e bay has a pretty good recurve selection and trad bow can run into the $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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    I would like to but I don’t own one. I’ve wanted one for a long time, but i never have the money to buy one, nor do i know where to buy one from. So until i have a recurve of my own, i’ll be using my compound.

  4. Mens Rings says:

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    I shoot a recurve and sometimes a longbow during bow season

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    I learned on a recurve back in high school, didn’t follow up on archery shooting for a long time and now compounds are the norm. A recurve is wonderful to shoot, and has all the power you need for hunting with the right broadheads for big game and judos or blunts for smaller stuff.
    Advantage a compound has is let-off. A 70 pound compound can have 60% let off after the peak, while a recurve is a constant max poundage at full draw.

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    I initially started on a compound because I didn’t have the upper body strength to draw and hold a traditional bow at a weight needed for hunting. I still only draw 45 pounds on my compound, so it’s a bit iffy as to whether I could hunt well with a recurve. But I would like a recurve someday.

  7. Mens Rings says:

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    I grew up using recurves, but moved on to compound bows. I enjoyed the recurve, but being crippled up in both shoulders precluded my being able to hold a recurve at full draw. This getting old stuff sucks!! ;0)
    shoot safe

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    I am an avid hunter. I own both a compound bow and a recurve and I can tell you I prefer the recurve for two reasons. First off, I am purist, thus I shoot “instinctively”. I don’t care for the sight set-up that comes standard on most compound. Second, there is one thing you can do on a recurve (or long bow for that matter) that you can’t on a compound. That thing is what is referred to as snap shooting. As a hunter I prefer to stalk hunt rather than wait out my quarry in a tree stand or blind. Since I hunt this way, it goes without saying that many deer have seen me before I have seen them. In such a situation a quick is very often necessary (by quick I mean that one wouldn’t have time too fully draw the bow and then train his/her shot). With a recurve(or longbow) one can shoot without having the arrow at full draw as needed with a compound. If one tried such a shot with a compound bow, then they would most likely damage the bow and possibly hurt themselves.

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