Does any one know where to find a good cheap compound bow?

May 27, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Garret B asked:

Need one soon, so bored.

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Do I need a stabilizer for my compound bow?

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6 Responses to “Does any one know where to find a good cheap compound bow?”
  1. Home Theater says:

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    check with Bass Pro Shops or Sheels Sporting goods both offer used compound bows at reasonable prices or you can check at your local pawn shops and see what they have

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    If you want cheap prices, stay away from Basspro ! I have found some good deals on Mathews and Hoyt bows on Ebay in the past. I havent checked there in a while. Other than Ebay I would suggest looking in the news paper classifieds for hunters selling their bows. A pro shop would be another place but the proshop bows will be pricey, look for the used bows, or even ask them about the used bows. Pro shops take them on trades and you can usually get a fair deal. I still say ebay would be your best bet !

    Good Luck & Happy Shooting !

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    I purchaced a new Mathews SwithchBack XT from a pawn shop for $300…..I would say that checking your local pawn shops might be the best way to go

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    For a good cheap bow check the yard sales in your area. There you will find someone knowledgeable about the specific bow and it’s features. Local pawn shops often have bows.
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    try or cheaper than

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