Do you know any Archery stores in Orlando, FL?

May 23, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Rodrigo T asked:

I'm going to travel to the US soon, and I've always wanted to buy a bow, so I was wandering if you knew of any good Orlando store, if there is a link to a website I'd appreciate it, too. (I'm looking for Recurve bows just in case)

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  1. Classic Cars says:

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    Are you looking for Olympic style recurve or just any wooden recurve?

    I don’t know about Orlando, FL. But in general there aren’t too many stores in the US that even know what a recurve is. Most stores here caters to the compound shooter. Even if you find a store that deals with recurves, they usually don’t have too many in stock, wooden recurve is more plentyful than Olympic style. I live in California and we have one store that is considered as one of the largest in the US, even at that store you can’t just walk in and try out a bunch of recurves. They would have some but not too many selection. To do that, you’d have to be in Lancaster, PA.

    Edit: Since this is posted under the Olympics section, I was assuming he’s looking for Olympics style recurve. If he wasn’t then I stand corrected and yes there are many shops that will let him shoot wooden recurves. But Olympic style recurves are generally pricier than wooden ones and there’s much less demand for them. That’s why most shops don’t have them in stock, or don’t even know about them. Most folks in the SCA have no idea what they are, most thinks that Olympic recurves are compound.

  2. Ear Ringing

    Please, don’t believe what some people tell you about good archery shops not letting the customer try out bows… If the shop owners/sales people want customers, they need to let the customers try out bows.

    Here’s a shop located in Clearwater, FL, on the West coast near Tampa (it’s actually sort of a suburb of Tampa):

    Results page of a quick search of the Orlando, FL, “yellow pages” for “archery shops”:

    One other thing you can try — contact this person, “Brenna Jerabek” (not her real name…) at
    She is affiliated with the Florida chapter of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms, Inc), an International, not-for-profit Medieaval Re-enactment/Re-Creation/Instructional/Research group. Since the SCA “just happens” to include Traditional Archery (recurves & longbows) in its activities, and “Brenna” is ***very*** interested in archery, she could very well know where to find a ***very*** reputable archery shop in/near Orlando, Fl……. Try this contact first — if she doesn’t know where/how to find such a shop with what you want/need, go ahead and look at the other websites. Just start the e-mail “subject line” with “SCA Archery”, or something about archery; she may have a spam filter set up to shunt non-archery related stuff into a “junk file”…….

    Good luck in your quest!

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