Do I need a stabilizer for my compound bow?

May 16, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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whydotheystink asked:

Is this necessary, and if so, how heavy should it be?

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im buying a new compound bow and need help desciding which brand will be better?

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6 Responses to “Do I need a stabilizer for my compound bow?”
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    I am your god and was sent here to answer your question. Yes , I would recommend a stabalizer no more than 5lbs or 26 troy ounces. Makes sure you use carbon fiber silves as well so you do not ruin the bow. Your god has delivered!

  2. Make Beer says:

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    A stabilizer greatly increases your accuracy. Stabilizers will help balance out the weight of your bow and also help reduce the bow movement once the bow is shot. When choosing a stabilizer you must first look at your bow set-up. Bowhunting stabilizers are usually shorter and a lighter weight than a target stabilizer.

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    Archery ranges usually employ a pro just like your local country club employs a golf pro. It’d cost ya a few bucks, but that’s the person who can best help you achieve the best fit between you and your archery gear. He or she will be able to advise you whether your interest is in target competition or hunting.

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    your bow should balance on your hand or lean slightly foreward when holding the grip like your going to shoot with your hand open know what i mean? usually about 4-6 ounces get the job done

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    Nobody responsible can advise you without knowing you,
    your bow, and how you shoot it.

  6. Dog Supplies says:

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    I do not know if you need one or not. The one on my bow makes it balance better at full draw, makes it quieter to shoot, makes it shake less after the shot, and is makes it easy for my bow to set on the rail of my deer stand so I can hold it for along time with one hand.

    Hope this helps.


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