Crossbows legal in Australia?

March 27, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Tom asked:

I want to get a cross bow but I'm not sure if they are legal. I know that compound bows are legal and you don't need a license, but does the same apply to crossbows?
P.S. I'm in Victoria

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very new to bows, need a little info please?

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  1. Bowhunting says:


    No – you need something like a licence (actually called an exemption) unless you’re the member of a sporting club

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    You need to get a catagory M weapons licence. Have a look at this page.
    You need a genuine reason: From 1 July 2003 Category M weapons are included in the Weapons Categories Regulation 1997. Category M include martial arts devices, crossbows, incendiary or inflammable devices and flick knives. Certain category M weapons can be held on a Collector’s, Miscellaneous or Group licence.

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