Crossbow Question?

June 2, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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josh m asked:

I have recently torn my rotator cuff so my bowhunting just got put on hold I know I need permission to use a crossbow from the wild life folks what is a decent crossbow that won't break the bank and how do I get it shipped to me in NC will the wild life people get me permission? Thanx for ur help & knowledge!


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    Go to your local DNR office. They will give all the forms that need to be filled out by a DR. to get your crossbow permit.

    Then go to your archery shop and ask them about crossbows. I am sure they will have some good information for you.

  2. Bowtech

    handicap tag is what you need you buy crossbows out of bass pro shop online

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    Anything made by Horton. JD will ship you one.

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    Many states allow people with physical disabilities to hunt with a Crossbow. Contact your State DNR for an application form. Most all states require a letter from your Doctor that out lines your particular disability to qualify.You should have no trouble getting a permit with a torn rotator cuff.

    As far as Crossbow brands I would suggest Horton as Wujoosay has already advised.They are accurate, and are easy to co*k and shoot even with your disability. I would suggest you go to Hortons website listed below and check them out.They have models to fit most any budget, and are a very effective Deer hunting instrument. I have been hunting with (personally and successfully)in addition to selling Horton Crossbows for 16 years…..

    NOTE* I won’t sell you a Horton, but I make it a point to sell equipment I believe in and have used successfully myself, like Horton brand Crossbows…. BTW You don’t have to be “disabled” to own a Crossbow, but you in order to hunt with one in most states….Good Luck!

  6. Bowtech says:

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    Check with the DNR usually you will have to send a form filled by your Dr. in with the letter to see if you met the requiremenst. Being a disabled vet i fall withing the rquirement to hunt with crossbow in my home state. I use a Barnett Quad-400. Draw weight of 150lbs. I chronographed this at 335 fps. I got mine at cabellas for about $350.
    Id chec with the DNR and make sure you qualify to hunt with one before you purchase

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