Compound Bow Help Please?

March 29, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Ameri-Badee asked:

I'm new to bow hunting and I purchased a Wilson Bow last night at dick's sporting goods. When I took one shot out of it, the part that holds the arrow straight just fell out. the next day, I realized that the string is now off the wheel! Do the people at dick's know what there doing? How much is it going to cost to get all this fixed?
Sorry Its a Martin.
No I did not dry-fire the bow.

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7 Responses to “Compound Bow Help Please?”
  1. Vintage Cars

    you didn’t dry fire the bow did you?

  2. Sporting Goods

    i have no idea but it sounds like the string may be just a tad big..take it back and demand that they fix it since you just bought the gun from them..if they wont return it and go to a store like cabelas or sportsmans warehouse or your local bow shop

  3. Bowhunting says:

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    I have done some reading on the same problems with some Martin bows made for D ick’s Sporting Goods. They had the same problem with the cable coming off when it was shot. It was a Martin Bow too. It was made exclusively for D ick’s too.

    If you can take the bow back, get a new bow.

    Here is a site with someone that has the same problem that you had.

    Good luck

  4. Make A Resume

    This is your problem: you bought a bow from DICK’S! If you want a good, reliable bow that isn’t going to break on you then you need to go to a professional archery store and have them help you – someone that ACTUALLY knows what they are doing!

  5. Archery Equipment

    Bring it back to store,explain situation.

    I have had a Martin for many years without trouble.

    Its .old and I know I should change the string now.

    And it has been dry fired .No prob.

    EDIT- The answerer -MORGAN- may have noticed ur problem if it is a sizing problem where a reputable dealer will measure your arm length etc.

  6. Archery says:

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    Buying junk made in china is a waste of your time. You just learned a valuable lesson. Go to a reputable bow shop or a bass pro or cabela’s in your area and see if the bow is even worth repairing and also sign up for a few lessons at least. Get fitted for the right size bow and try out several different models as boots fit differently so do bows. the folks a d icks do not know squat about bows as they are not in the business to make a large amount of money from it. they just want to grab some of yours.

  7. Home Theater says:

    hunting arrows

    Hey there,
    your best bet would have been to go to an archery store to buy a bow. That way you could have been “sized” before you made your purchase. I would take your bow back to dick’s first, most likely they wont know what they are doing, so I then I would take it to your local archery shop. Since you are new to bows and bow hunting, I would recommend that you either take some classes or find a friend who actually knows what they are doing to give you some pointers. Good Luck! :)

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