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November 21, 2009 by Bowhunter  
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compound_bowChoosing a compound bow is a fundamental step for any budding archer. There are a number of different things to pay attention to:

Axle Length

The axle length denotes the entire length of the bow. The shorter the axle length the easier the bow is to hold and carry. But, what you gain in maneuverability you give up in accuracy. That is, a longer bow is more forgiving to archer. So, if you are new to the sport I would purchase a longer bow to start with.

Draw Length

The way to calculate your draw length is to enter your local bow show and have an expert help you, but if you are buying a bow online this is almost never possible. So, for an easy estimation of your draw length - hold your arm out by using a clenched fist as if you are holding the bow a the ready. Then measure from the point just beyond your fist to the closest corner of your mouth. This will get you more or less your draw length.

Brace Height

Brace height is the measurement from the string to the grip while the bow is dormant. Basically the smaller this distance is the faster the bow. But, again, with speed you give up accuracy for beginners. If you are new, stay on a brace height of over 8 inches.

Draw Weight

This is actually an individual preference, but don't get one too big for you to shoot. Make sure you can draw the bow easily. Also, keep in mind what type of game you are hunting as you many have to get a stronger bow to take down that big game.

Overall Bow Weight

Again, is an individual preference; but I want you to be mindful of the overall weight of the bow you choose. Most beginners make the mistake of getting a compound bow that is too heavy to hold at the ready.

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