Changing from Recurve to Compound Archery?

May 8, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Claire-Michelle asked:

I've been shooting recurve for the past two years (indoor only), I've recently started shooting compound, using my coach's bow.
I'm planning on shooting it for the summer outdoors and see how it goes.
I'm looking at getting my own compound if I like it and then shoot my recurve during the indoor season and the compound for outdoor.

I'm looking for suggestions on bows?
I'm not exactly sure of my drawlength but it'd be fairly short, (currently shooting 66" recurve), so looking for a bow that would suit. Oh, also, about 40lbs draw weight, shooting 30lbs recurve atm.

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2 Responses to “Changing from Recurve to Compound Archery?”
  1. WOW Leveling Guide

    well you can take a chance and guess what will fit you, but I would suggest going to an archery or sporting goods store to find a good fit for your size and strength.

    Here is a really good guide I found for you.

    hope it helps.

  2. Make Beer says:

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    You usually can’t go wrong with Hoyt. What is your price range? That will determine the brand. Most bows out there will outshoot any archers alive. The only difference is with the grip, and that’s personal. So, really the only way to know is to handle is. Talk to other archer at the range and see if you can handle their equipment. 66″ recurve would usually suit someone with a 25-27″ draw, so that’s not too short.

    On an unrelated topic, why the switch?

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