Can’t decide on which 1911?

May 12, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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sooner70 asked:

Looking at the 3" and 4" barrel 1911's. I want to use it for backup when bowhunting, since the possibility of walking up on a black bear or mountain lion is there. But I also want a good concealed carry pistol as well. I like the 4" models better, but wonder if the 3" models will be much more comfortable. Any suggestions?

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4 Responses to “Can’t decide on which 1911?”
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    Go with the 4 inch. Better able to handle the recoil and you will get a marginally higher barrel pressures with it. Though you might think .44 mag or something for bear/mlion.

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    If you get a decent holster like a Galco or Crossbreed the extra inch will not make a difference. I find the 4″ models nicer to shoot.

    In many states it is illegal to have a handgun if you are bowhunting. Check your laws.

    Honestly though, for mountain lion or bear protection, I would go for a .454 casull revolver minimum. I know S&W makes a snub .500 just for that purpose. Hell to shoot but the best when you need it.

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    get a small revolver in .357 or .44 mag. dont think a .45 acp would be quite enough…

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    i would go with AT LEAST a 357, and even that would be a little iffie for a black bear or mountain lion. a Ruger sp101 is a great 357, a 44mag would be even better. anything bigger would have to much recoil for follow up’s.

    a 45acp is great agaist man, but wouldn’t have enough “punch” for what your looking for.

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