Can you shoot a compound bow without using a sights?

February 16, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Satan asked:

I am a HUGE fan of archery, but have never shot a compound bow before. I think that release aids and sights completly kill the whole idea of archery, so I was wondering if you can use a compound bow without using sights, just sit the arrow on my finger?

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What size of compound bow would be good for me to start with?

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8 Responses to “Can you shoot a compound bow without using a sights?”
  1. Bowhunting says:

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    You absolutely can. The only difference you’ll see is actually getting a let-off at full draw length and not tiring out as fast.

  2. Video Games says:

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    yes trad shooting is the way to go use a tab or a cushions,,, ok thanks

  3. Camping Gear

    If your looking at shooting competitively the NFAA rules apply.

    Archers shooting Barebow style will use bow, arrows, strings and accessories free from any sights, marks or blemishes that may be used as a sighting aid.

    An adjustable arrow plate may be used provided it does not extend more that 1/4″ above the arrow.

    The use of stabilizers shall be permitted. The rear stabilizer shall not touch any part of the body.

    One consistent nocking point only is permitted and may be held by one or two nock locators, which shall be snap on type, shrink tubing, thread or dental floss, tied or served on the serving. Nocking point locators shall not extend more than one half inch (1/2″) above or below the arrow nock when at full draw.

    Only one adjustable draw check and level mounted on the bow, neither of which may extend above the arrow and a mechanical type arrow rest and cushion plunger are permitted.

    Only gloves, tabs, or fingers shall be permitted, except in the case of physical disability of the arms or hands, a chew strap may be used in place of fingers.

    All arrows shall be identical in length, weight, diameter and fletching, with allowance for wear and tear. Powder on the arrow points shall be permitted as a visual aid.

    The ends or edges of laminated pieces appearing on the inside of the upper limb shall be considered a sighting mechanism.

    No device of any type, including arrow rest, that may be used for sighting, may be used or attached to the archer’s equipment.

    The pylon (string clearance bar) will be allowed in this style if it is not located in the sight window.

    Any part of the arrow rest extending more than 1/4 inch above the arrow is deemed illegal in the Barebow style.

  4. compound bow says:

    Sporting Goods

    I shoot me bow widout sights!

  5. Camping Gear says:


    sure, instinct shooting works just as well with a compund as a recurve. Take a look at Ted Nugents compiund bow, you won’t see any sites on it.
    shoot safe

  6. Bowhunting says:

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    Yes, sights are one of the ‘extras’ that the guys who don’t
    know how to shoot have added to bows.
    You can shoot a compund just as well as you shot your
    traditional or recurve without sights.
    (They do aid in precision though, gotta admit that.)
    A compound is easier to shoot than a ‘standard’ bow of the
    same weight, because of the ‘let-off’.
    Yes you can use your fingers.
    Nobody who knows his archery needs a release until you
    get to 70# & up draw weights.

  7. Video Games says:

    Video Games

    You may use the compound bow to shoot instinctive with. Ted Nugget shot a compound for years without a sight, and you can see some of his older shows on TV with him shooting this way.The arrow does not sit on your finger, but on the shelf area of the bow. I will make a bold statement here- At known distances a man can stack arrows using a sight. He will hit the small target more often and shoot a tighter group then the instinctive shooter can. But at unknown ranges a good instinctive shooter can outshoot someone using sights any day of the week.And most hunting situations are at unknown ranges.

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