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The bow is, naturally, the fundamental piece of archery hunting equipment. Long bows, compound bows and crossbows all have their places in the hearts and hands of bow hunting enthusiasts world wide. Do your homework and research as much as you can before you buy any bow.

There are many characteristics that archers look for in a new bow. Most archers want a bow that has blazing fast performance, a silky smooth draw stroke, very low hand-shock, a generous valley, and high let-off. Most archers also want their bows to be very lightweight, compact, quiet, forgiving to any flaws in technique, easy to tune, easy to adjust, and affordable for any budget. Unfortunately, this perfect bow doesn’t exist. To get a bow with a certain set of characteristics, you’ll likely have to sacrifice some others. For example, very fast bows are generally less forgiving, low recoil parallel-limb bows are generally heavy, and so on. Ultimately you’ll have to decide which characteristics are most important to you and choose the bow that best fits your personal criteria.

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