Bowhunting in the rain?

January 4, 2011 by Bowhunter  
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John S asked:

i have tomorrow afternoon scheduled to take time off from work but the forecast is for 60% chance of showers. i have not bow hunted in the rain yet so as not to have a blood trail washed away. i started a new job a couple of months back and don't have the flexibility of rescheduling my time off as i used to with my previous job.

how many of you have, or do hunt in the long as it is not a teaming thunderstorm?

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help---bowhunting starters guide?

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5 Responses to “Bowhunting in the rain?”
  1. Arrow Rests says:

    Recurve Bows

    With all the money and gear and licenses and effort that goes into getting me ‘within range’, a little rain won’t stop me. Wear an extra layer, your body looses warmth much faster when wet. I recommend thin polypropylene skin tights. They provide a lot of warmth retention and when you get hot they fit in a pocket.

  2. Arrow Rests

    A little rain doesn’t stop me from hunting. You shouldn’t let it stop you.. I’m a 3 Season Deer Hunter and I have hunted Deer in the rain with Conventional firearms,Black Powder and Bowhunting for over 40 years…..The rain has a tendency to slow the Deer movement somewhat, but if your stand is in the right area , it’s pretty common to see Deer in the rain coming and going to their bedding areas. In addition, if you are still out when the rain stops, that’s a premium time for Deer traffic to increase.

    You are correct that the rain makes tracking difficult . You have to be quicker to start tracking if there is a chance the rain will wash your blood trail away. I always carry about 60 sheets of toilet paper rolled up in a small quart size Ziploc bag to mark my blood trails. Works great in the rain , enabling you not only to mark the blood,but if you lose your sign/trail, look back, and the toilet paper lets you see the most obvious direction of travel. This is a valuable tool, and can make the difference between a found Deer or a lost one. (T/P works great in any weather but even better in the rain)

  3. Hoyt Bows

    Depending on the rain comming down or what the sky looks like, you may very well have to go after 5 minutes instead of 30 minutes after a shot.

    Best thing to do is shoot for the neck on a quartering towards shot.

  4. Bowhunting

    There’s rain and then there’s RAIN.

    Hunting in a light rain is fine. Animals will move and not restrict their movements.

    Heavy rains are a different story. Since most of your prey animals use sense of hearing as a primary defense, a heavy rain makes them lay down, so hunting becomes more difficult.

  5. Vintage Archery

    I won’t take long shoots in the rain. Try and keep it at 20 or less. Rain hitting and arrow, will send it off course. if its a heavy rain and good shot. start tracking right after the shot

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