bowhunting deer in charlotte north carolina?

December 22, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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hunt4life9363 asked:

i live in south charlotte in raintree country club and we have a lot of deer in the neighborhood and they eat out of my garden and i want to shoot them. i bowhunt for small game all the time but i want to try deer hunting but i dont have anywhere to go but my own backyard. someone told me that you have to have some kind of city hunting license but i dont know what he is talking about because i cant find anything about it online. does anyone know how i can hunt deer in my back yard with a bow. is there anykind of license i could get?

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  1. Recurve Bows

    Only a few cities allow bowhunters to take deer within the city limits. The ones that allow it have a special ordinance that allows it.And it is only done during the legal season as far as I know. The city that you live in has to be contacted and asked the question you are asking us.

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