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BW asked:

What do you think is best for bowhunting with a compound bow? A scope sight or a pin sight??

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7 Responses to “Bowhunting?”
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    Pin sights are my preference

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    I like a Six-Pin Sight that is what I shoot

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    Pins are the best.
    It’s easier to estimate drop at intermediate ranges.

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    My preference is definitely a pin sight, I like 4 pins, one for 20 yards, 25 yards, 30 yards and 40. The reason I like the settings I mentioned is, that for the most accurate shot this is where my comfort level is and where my bow performs best.Plus, where most of your deer are going to appear if you have your stand positioned correctly and a bit of true blue luck too :o ) My bow is a PSE Nova, and 40 yards is about all the range this bow reach out to and do it and consistently.

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    Neither, get a pendulum sight with a tritium sight pin- this will get you anything from 35 yards out to the base of your tree with no range estimation required- just aim dead on. This is assuming you will be hunting out of a tree stand at elevated heights.There have been more deer lost from the wrong choice of sight pins then any thing else, by newcomers to the sport.Range estimation is critical , and a deer looks very far away when 25 feet up a tree and the deer is 30 yards away.The pendulum sight will be the best choice to start out with bowhunting until you gain the experience and knowledge you need for the range estimation challenge.

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    I like Pin sights when combined with a good Peep sight

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