Bowhunter knowledge needed?

May 12, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Trent asked:

I am 17 with a 27" draw length. I am very new to bowhunting and was wondering if the new Diamond Razor Edge would be a good bow for me? I can pull back 60 lbs. without moving my arms out of shooting position.

I would also like to know what all come is the $329 dollar pkg.?
I CAN pull back 60 lbs. without at struggle, and i have shot the bow, i can handle to 50% let off. I bench 200. I know its diff muscles but thats just for reference.

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    i suggest trying a lower bow weight then maybe moving up slowly and to answer the other part 329.00 try pse bows i personally have used bear all my life and now use bear split limb from walmart about 5 years ago but psp has better let off at full draw

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