Bow Hunting Wild Boar — Bill’s Hog Hunt

December 22, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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HuntingFootage asked:

Hog Hunting Video from HUNTINGFOOTAGE.COM Bill's first boar with a bow. Produced by WildWorks. See 1000's more videos like this at All amateur, all hunting, all free. 10000 members and growing! hog hunting hog hunting hog hunting bow hunt bow hunt bow hunt pig pig pig boar...

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13 Responses to “Bow Hunting Wild Boar — Bill’s Hog Hunt”
  1. Bow Cases

    @GeneSimmons1994 55#’s is plenty.

  2. Bowhunting says:

    Ben Pearson Archery

    Go anything from 65-75# as long as you have the shoulder to pull it….320fps,cant go wrong…as long as you can aim the thing!

  3. Bow Cases

    WHATS WITH THE MUSIC? Id rather just watch you shoot the dam Pig without the metal music!

  4. Bowhunting says:

    Archery Sights

    that was a very well placed shot!

  5. Bowhunting

    Very good shot! Was it low enough to pierce through the lungs?

  6. Bow Cases says:

    Arrow Rests

    Love this video!!! Greatjob

  7. bow hunting says:

    Browning Nomad

    The music made the pig walking though the flowers look really badass

  8. Arrow Rests says:

    Ben Pearson Archery

    Good shot. Bar B Q up some pork chops. Congratulations.

  9. Arrow Rests says:

    bow hunting

    take the gothic music out and this would be a good video. put good music or nothing at all!

  10. bow hunting

    @GeneSimmons1994 55# is enough to put down any North American game animal. The legal draw minimum here in Massachusetts is 48#.

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