bow hunting equipment and preparation?

May 8, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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im a new bowhunter currently spending most of my time fishing but i know i still have time but i think if i can plan this out sooner the more time i will have to practice and plan out the hunt. what are some ways i should be shooting at targets and practicing yardage reading and guessing? what items do you guys think are essential to a october bow hunt? were can i find good but cheap water proof boots for hunting in slushy wetlands? <---- i havnt seen the area yet but hear its alot of marsh wetland swampy stuff with areas of forest thats about all i know. and how should i choose a spot to hunt from a tree stand like what areas would be holding deer and could it be a good idea to get my bowhunting license a few days before bow hunting openner and scout during season while kinda stalking for deer at the same time? all camo? or all camo with some blaze orange above the waist to the head? <------ minnesota hunter bow hunting in carlos avery wildlife management area

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    well thats a good question,,, lets us start at the wma minnesota part , first contact them as to the regs, ok,most bowhunting is done in camo, and scouting can be done a week or 2 before opening day ,ok, the wet marsh thing , does not sound good to me , i have and hunted bottom land however,,,,been a trad hunter and bow hunter for um 30 years ,,,,,,, get a good bow one that feels good to YOU ok the new bows all sound great i would say this simply,, the more bells and gizmos you attach to the bow the more they fail ok,, now you have your bow and arrows field tips etc and need to build your shooting ability up to take a whitetail deer in the woods,,, here is the fun part,,,,practice if you can in your yard good back stop and all,,,, until you can group your arrows in a 6 inch circle,,, just keep in mind the woods have there own 6 inch holes etc good luck

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    Well, your probably going to need some blaze orange. It’s up to your state laws, but if you want to get good, then you will eventually start hunting from a tree stand. Practice shooting at elevated angles and get some good grouping. You should consider having a friend critic you on your stance, and how smoothly you draw the bow back. Something else that a lot of people do is video tape themselves so that they can see their errors for themselves. Keep the bow straight up and down, unless your using a traditional bow which will give you a little bit more forgiveness. Eventually, you will be able to “feel” your shots. This is when your ready.

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