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December 23, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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nooner12 asked:

September 21, 2006 i shot a deer right behind the shoulder blade with my bow and got it all on film... i think its cool.. and to all of you who are against this... why are you searching hunting videos on youtube? go get a life

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Bow Hunting Wild Boar -- Bill's Hog Hunt

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16 Responses to “bow hunting”
  1. Recurve Bows

    smoked! right in the boiler room! you need to shoot a faster bow and some rage 2 blades. that mustve been a close shot and the arrow looked slow and you got poor penetration. on a much larger deer you may have had a longer trail.

    but congrats on the kill and excellent shot placement.

  2. Vintage Archery

    hope you get shot in the same way

  3. PSE Thunderbolt

    @helloshawn100 imagine a human head blowing xD

  4. Bowhunting says:


    I understand such a hunt, shot with a rifle that is execution, not a hunt.

  5. Archery Bow Strings

    I understand such a hunt, shot with a rifle that is execution, not a hunt.

  6. Vintage Archery

    @147wolfpack Lol, dude post it, get a high speed camera on that aswell. That shit would be sick!

  7. Bowhunting says:


    @helloshawn100 ok man i was just givin my opinion :)
    if they let me i would post a video of me shooting with a m95 to a melon lol

  8. Bear Recurve Bow

    @147wolfpack It’s all about respect buddy, respect for your kill, and for your weapon. Anyways that meat is fucking tasty.

  9. Bow Cases says:


    why are people making such a big deal about hunting? get over it. also you should get a better bow for sure. not much penetration

  10. Ben Pearson Archery

    @DOrr94 i didnt fail the navy school and u should know that i have more that respect and the meat that i heat its not from a cow with arrows on it… its called respect for animals

  11. Bow Cases

    dude your weird, ill pay for some therapy for you. you need psych help..

  12. Recurve Bows

    @147wolfpack Being a so called Navy SEAL, you should know that the United States military teaches it’s soldiers respect, which is a quality you do not posess. You are probably a recruit that failed the SEALs’ school, because of your lack of it. Yes, the deer is an animal, but if you’ve ever eated bacon, hotdogs, hamburgers, pork chops, or anything with meat, it is an animal. Learn your facts, and learn to be respectful before commenting on Youtube.

  13. Compound Bows

    Chuck Norris doesnt go hunting, as the word hunting implies the possibility of failure, Chuck Norris goes killing.

  14. Hoyt Bows

    meehI am wearing red undies lol don’t ask meh why i am telling you this

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