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May 5, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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BDM asked:

im a left hand shooter im pretty comfortable shooting a right hand bow using my left hand heres the thing ive been shooting a recurve now im going after deer in the fall and im going to need a compound bow so the recurve dasent have any sights or any thing my question is how will it work when i get a compound bow with sights should i get a left or a right
ok every body is getting the wrong idea ive never shot using my right hand i always shoot using my left hand

im a left handed shooter only
it just so happens that i have a right handed recurve bow but i always hod the bow with my right hand and draw with my left and use my left eye

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im thinking of buying the martin jaguar take-down bow from cabelas?

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    You should either start using your left hand, or your right hand. DON’T keep shooting the bow with the wrong hand. That will mess you up completely, and there’s the chance that the sights won’t even line up that far if you continue doing this.

    It’s legal to hunt with a recurve, if you’re willing to try that out. Personally, I think compounds are better to hunt with though. They’re much quieter (as long as you have a stabilizer/limb savers/string silencers).

    Hope this helps!

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    Now I’m no expert but it should be possible to shoot a single (righty or lefty)compound bow both ways. The only main difference is the way the bow is shaped to fit your forward hand. You need comfort to accurately take game with a compound bow so choose a way of shooting and stick to it. Then get a bow to match.

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    you need to pick whatever hand is more comfortable and stick with it.

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    A left hand the cables on a right hand compound will be in the way otherwise.

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    When using a compound or any bow with sights, it’s better if you use your dominant eye to aim. So if you’re left eye dominant, then you need to get a lefty bow. Hold it with your right hand and draw with left. In your case you’re already shooting the way you’re supposed to, just that your equipment doesn’t match. You’re just shooting asian style. So when you get the new bow, all you gotta do is buy a lefty one to match you.

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