BOW / ARROW, please help ?

May 9, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Metal Viking asked:

which type of bow is good for beginners , not so expensive.
maybe recurve or long ?

Ear Ringing

is a 55lb bow too hard to pull back for a 14 year old boy?

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3 Responses to “BOW / ARROW, please help ?”
  1. Garden Pond Liner

    try pawn shops that is how my grandfather got me one cheaper

    though for style of bow to use personally I would prefer recurve or compound

  2. Cure Yeast Infections

    Get a compound, easier to learn on, easier to hit target. Buy last years model now while they still have them, you will get a huge discount. You should be able to find Bear, Diamond, Parker, PSE, and Maybe even Bowtechs at very reasonable prices. (300-400)

  3. Classic Car

    Try reflex archery. They have both compounds and recurves. If you ar a beginner I would suggest a compound bow. Reflex makes many compounds that are not expensive and are very forgiving bows. That’s how I got my start , Reflex buckskin , but don’t know if they make that one anymore. I still have mine and hunt with it some.

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