Archery question.(two types of bows).will pick a best answer?

May 12, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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my chemical romance asked:

What is the difference between a standard bow and a recurve bow?

are they the same thing?

I would like to know this because i am going to an archery compitition in a year and only standard bows are allowed so im going to be buying one but all i see are recurves....

please help...
I will pcik a best answer (10 points)

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2 Responses to “Archery question.(two types of bows).will pick a best answer?”
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    Yes Standard bows are just recurves (Bare and sighted).
    But it depends on the classes you are entering, some may allow compound bow like the open classes.

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    There is no standard bow. The divisions in NAA are

    Olympic recurve

    Olympic recurve is also known as freestyle recurve. Basically a recurve bow with all the bells and whistles, similar to a compound, minus the release, peep sight, and magnified scope.

    Compound bow, has the wheels to make holding the bow back easier.

    Barebow, can be a recurve or longbow, with no sights, and no stabilizer. The bow can be made of any material, as well as the arrows.

    Traditional, uses wooden longbows and wooden arrows only.

    The NFAA, has slightly different rules and divisions. But the breakdown generally follows those classes above, just different names.

    The different types of bows are as follows
    Olympic recurve
    Traditional recurve
    English longbow
    American longbow
    horsebow, sometimes referred to as composite bow
    yumi (Japanese longbow)
    flight bow

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