Archery case for strung bow vs takedown?

May 19, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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CHINDY asked:

I'm fairly new to archery, I'm currently taking a class at school. I purchased a recurve and ordered a bow case online, which can store a strung bow. Now that I have this case, it's a lot harder to store in my car. I haven't learned how to takedown my bow yet. Should I exchange the case that I have now for a takedown case?

What are the pros and cons of these two different cases?
What would you recommend?

This is the case I have now:

These are the two I might get if I exchange/return the case:

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One Response to “Archery case for strung bow vs takedown?”
  1. Sporting Goods Archery

    Very bad idea to leave a bow strung. Modern recurve that has foam core limbs, can be left strung forever without harm to the limbs. Even for those bows, storing them strung is still a bad idea, and here’s why. When a bow is strung it has a lot of potential energy stored in them. Little accidents like bumping it against something else, or it fell to the ground can cause damage to the limbs because of all that stored energy, ask me how I know…

    You can use the soft case you have now, just unstring the bow.

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