after 4 weeks of archey, how far away should the target be?

May 20, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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jesse-w---god-of-the-mind-;) asked:

im able to hit 3 fot by 3 foot box at 80 yards with a recurve bow.

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New to archery, any tips/suggestions?

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    That’s pretty good for 4 weeks. Are you hitting it consistently? Don’t worry too much about the distance. Get your group nice and tight. Are you working to hunt or for target? Is there a time constraint?

    Reason I ask is, to do it properly takes time. One sure fire method to become consistent is having someone watch you as you shoot up close with eyes closed. This practice method is what olympic shooters use. 80 yards is pretty far, that’s a bit more than 70m. 70m is what they shoot at the Olympics. At the Olympic level, those guys usually don’t miss a 1 foot diameter circle from 70m.

    So, get the arrows to group. Don’t concern youself with hitting things. As long as the arrows are in a nice tight group you can hit anything you want.

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